Top 3 Song – November week 2

Hi! This is my first post in this blog! In this very very very first post, I will share my reviews (i’m not a pro tho) about song that I like, the most song that I listened in that week (latest release nor old song).  I will do this every week (if I have much time lol). So this is my review for this week.

#3 BTOB – I’ll be your man (기도 – Pray)

This song is about a man that want to back to her ex-girlfriend (or someone his like, I’m not sure lol). He always think about her. he doesn’t know where is she and he just pray to God to give the girl back to him. This song is so special to Hyunsik because this is his first song to be the lead song! Their vocals is so good (yeah their vocals always good), so much high notes in this song. and the rap really cool! its like fast-speaking and even Peniel english rap makes me proud lol. I like this comeback!

#2 ASTRO – Confession (고백)

Astro comeback with a story of autumn (yes their mini is Autumn Story). The song is about a guy that like a girl (maybe her friend?) but the girl like another man. The guy confess to her that he like her and yeah, so that’s the confession. They back again with song from Iggy-Youngbae (The composer of hot trend girlgroup debuted last year, Gfriend). I like the song because they use note or melody (I don’t know how to explain it) that I like lol (It’s same note with We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez), but just the verse until pre-chorus. So my fav part it just that lol. but the also chorus growing on me.

#1.2 MAMAMOO – Decalcomanie

This song so eargasm especially the chorus part. The song is about a kiss (or sex?). I’m not sure lol you can check the translation of the song here . This song composed by Kim Do-hoon (RBW) or their company’s founder. The song is fine but somehow I find it anti-climax. It just my opinion and this song still really good.

#1.1 VICTON – Look At Me and Smile (날 보며 웃어준다)

VICTON just debut this week. They are from Plan A Entertainment, same with Apink. You know? This song is SO BEAUTIFUL. The melody, the lyric, and their vocal is on point! It’s not their lead song but I like it the most from their debut mini. And their leader and Secret ex-member Han Sunhwa’s young brother, Han Seungwoo, his voice is really good! I think he just can rap but in this song he got so many high notes! I can’t stop listening this song. This song composed by Lim Changjung hit songs composer, mOnSteR nO.9 (Love Again) and Medwaejin (The Love That I Commited). Anw listen to their debut title track I’m fine (아무렇지 않은 척).

Ok That’s for today. Thanks for reading. Btw tell me your latest songs that you can stop listening to!